Inventory System
Optimize Your Inventory and Your Processes with HKG ROX’s Inventory Management System Inaccurate inventory counts create lost sales, shipment delays and excuses. Out-of-stock items and overstocked inventory items can be devastating to your reputation and bottom line. Purchasing and warehouse managers spend a great deal of time ensuring that stock-outs do not occur. Our stock management software features such as expiration date tracking and automatic reordering capabilities eliminate the need for unnecessary and costly safety stock. You can set reorder points and generate purchase orders when you reach a certain quantity.

• Accurate inventory quantity information per location.
• Manage product characteristic and specification information.
• Suggest products reorder to simplify your purchasing tasks.
• Apparel Matrix (color, size and style information at your fingertips, in addition to individual pricing and costing per  
item/color/size and style combinations giving you complete control over your specific apparel item costing and
• Inventory Management Software provides control of data pertaining to the receipt of goods, movement of goods
within or between locations, the sale, removal or other disposition of goods and the precise valuation and status of
goods remaining in inventory at any given point in time.
• Inventory Management Software does more than simply automate your inventory control process; it also provides
robust materials management (inventory management). Clients enjoy functionality unmatched by any other
provider in the market.
• Comprehensive reporting features to provide precise inventory control. Generate reports on item pricing, stock
status, detailed sales history, backorder information, recommended reorder points, valuation, turnover, sales
analysis and much more. Our Inventory Management Software is a valuable tool in formulating new or improved
cost-effective purchasing policies, sales policies, pricing methods and enhanced customer service.

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