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Data Center Movement

There is more to data center relocation services than migrating hardware from one physical location to another. Careful consideration must be afforded to the impact the move will have on the mission critical, highly available systems and infrastructure that are crucial to the day to day operations of your business.

HKG ROX recognizes that there are many business factors driving the decision for a data center move. These factors include meeting the requirements of business continuity enhancements, upgrades to a data center facility, cost containment, and / or a move due to a merger or acquisition.


Including the inventorying of computing, networking and storage, hardware and software systems, applications, service availability/business continuity, disaster recovery, capacity and performance requirements


Defining the data center lay-out, network design, approaches to transferring hardware, networks, storage, servers, applications, data and users data and contingency planning. A Technology Plan that provides complete answers to pre-and post-migration

HVAC, safety, LAN/WAN and voice, circuit provisioning, hardware and software, etc. This may include Microsoft Project Plans, Visio diagrams and copies of configuration files. A Migration Plan sequencing every step for logical and physical movement between the origin and destination data center, outlining the responsibilities of all participants and establishes the Events Timeline and Milestones. A Quality Assurance and Acceptance Plan providing hyper-focused details insuring every aspect of the data center move is completed to the client’s satisfaction.


Consisting of managing the construction/build-out, installing and migrating the new core network, set-up and configuring of interim/swing and staging systems, logical and physical migrating of systems and applications, migrating of the existing network and its users.

Admin Close

Conducting the post-migration audit insuring all work is complete and lessons-learned documented, transitioning of final technical information and closing-out of any remaining administrative responsibilities. Once the migration is completed, HKG ROX does provide a new set of documentation which includes Visio diagrams and copies of configuration files.

To ensure a successful implementation, a dedicated team of certified professionals will follow a detailed and integrated roadmap. This team will include a PMI certified Project Manager who is responsible for the planning and executing the signed scope of the project.

Examining business can save you money

While planning the move, many other business initiatives will be examined to decide the benefit of performing them in conjunction with a move. These business discussions include consolidation, migrations, upgrades, application SLA enhancements, among others. Our proven methodologies and best practices indicate that reviewing these initiatives prior to a move allows for additional efficiency and economies. Consolidating servers prior to a move would reduce the cost of the project.

A single point of contact

The greatest value that companies gain from working with a single point of contact on complex moves is the direct link between business need and the responsible parties. HKG ROX makes relocating your business our priority. Our customers prefer working with one firm who is experienced in all aspects of business including servers, storage, networking, software, security, application, design, implementation, and project management.


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