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To spot great business ideas, and to respond to business opportunities in real time, an enterprise has to have a robust network Infrastructure in place. As companies work at increasing their footprint all across the globe, they need to be able to collaborate quickly and effectively, and be agile enough to develop products and services that capitalize on the business opportunities. With a network Infrastructure that ensures high levels of Quality of Service (QoS), an enterprise can easily do this and much more

A range of technologies for b>wireless and future-proof wired networks, access to global users, customers, suppliers and partners, ensuring security of your company data without compromising o o on the collaboration effectiveness-large enterprises today face a myriad challenges with their network Infrastructure. The Internet also plays a key role for businesses with e-commerce Websites, B2B partnerships, customer relationship management and next-generation social networking models all forming a part of the plan. And as mergers and acquisitions become the order of the day, consolidating disparate networks running on various platforms is a reality that a lot of companies have to deal with now.

HKG ROX comes in and assists a company on all these accounts a and deliver LAN and WAN QoS levels that will help you maintain your edge in business. Our team builds modular networks that you can build on seamlessly with no downtime. By virtue of association with different IT giants, HKG ROX has end to end manageable sosolutions and complete product range to commission LAN / WAN solution.

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