Customize Portals
A dynamic web portals is one that changes or customizes content automatically and/or frequently based on certain criteria. The page composition is usually data-driven and collates information ad hoc each time a page is requested.

A dynamic website also describes its construction or how it is built, and more specifically refers to the code used to create a single web page. A dynamic web page is generated on the fly by piecing together certain blocks of code, procedures or routines.

HKG ROX Infotech offer complete web portal design and development services, including web portal components and software to build your Internet portal community presence and support your web portal hosting needs. We also expertise in affiliate portals, which help you monetize your knowledge base.

Community portals helps to get more visitors, establish and increase regular interaction with customers, market awareness for company products and translate relationships into e-Commerce opportunities.

A Most portals contain similar functionality that allows the user to collaborate and utilize the available content and applications. The manner in which you implement these functions will affect the usefulness and quality of the finished portal design.

We will work with you, helping you build an effective strategy and implementation plan, based on our web design services and any of our supported tools or applications in this or other categories. We also develop portals with specific target audiences where the users often create subscriptions for online content. We plan, design and develop quality portals that help in making a community around your group of services or ecommerce product web sites

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